Valuable intelligence for Pharma market access

Pharma market access teams play an influential role in ensuring that patients get proper treatment, with access to the medicines they need. To achieve this, these teams should provide thorough evidence and demonstrate the economic value of their products to healthcare budget holders.

Accessing market intelligence helps them to fulfil this need – our Market Access solution supports your market access strategy by viewing and tracking products and competitors within the NHS dm+d database.

Supporting your work with medicine product Information

Manage the flow of information throughout the supply chain

As you share product information with a variety of stakeholders, you need to ensure that what you provide is up-to-date, accurate and shared securely.

Using a central Product Information Management (PIM) platform, we support organisations with the flow of this information throughout the Pharma supply chain.

Submit and update product information

For medicines to be prescribed to patients, Pharma companies must submit their product information to the NHS dm+d database.

Pharma companies are able to enter and submit their product information into the dm+d database using our easy-to-use dm+d submission tool, and therefore streamline the whole process. 

Transform how you interact with the dm+d database

Gaining market intelligence is a vital part of Pharma market access teams’ preparations for a product launch.

The browser component of our market access solution (emc med data) provides you with the capability to track changes in product information such as prices of other medicines on the market.


emc market access

emc market access is an all-in-one solution for Pharma companies working with product information on the NHS dm+d database, and for sharing information with stakeholders in the supply chain:

  • Track changes to other products on the market
  • Increase efficiencies and remove outdated or repetitive work processes
  • Improve your alignment with other teams in your organisation
  • Reduce risks of sharing product information externally

What our customers say about us

The emc market access platform is very intuitive to navigate. It makes our lives easy, prompting us on which steps to take when we're working with new changes in product information such as discontinuations.

- Data Management professional, Roche

WEBINAR: How to adopt effective Product Information Management in the UK Supply Chain

Learn how to efficiently submit and update product information to a complex network of stakeholders across the UK supply chain using the emc supply chain platform.

You will also gain an insight into how information flows through the UK supply chain.

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