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How pharma and healthcare will benefit from the adoption of ePI standards

Mar 4, 2024

In this article published on Fierce Biotech, Datapharm’s Principal Architect, Philippe Michiels, explains what Pharma and Healthcare can gain from the adoption of ePI, as a common standard in medicines information.

Digital standards are playing a pivotal role in shaping the flow of healthcare information between healthcare computer systems. The adoption of a standard electronic Product Information (ePI) holds great promise for both pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs) engaged with medicines information day-to-day, with the benefits virtually limited by imagination itself.

The benefits for healthcare include:

  • Improving the effectiveness of their treatment delivery with more contextualised information about the patient and the medicines being considered for their treatment
  • Empowering patients to better engage with and understand their own conditions
  • Patients being able to easily find equivalent medicine products to replace their existing medication when travelling abroad

For Pharma professionals, the benefits are arguably even more vast, and include:

  • Cost savings and process efficiencies
  • Improved interoperability with future regulator and industry systems
  • Customer insight and engagement mechanisms
  • Sourcing equivalent medicines in the case of an adverse event, regardless of geographic region
  • Ability to use AI and NLP technologies to harness insight currently locked within the existing content of the page (for example, from an SmPC).

To learn more about the benefits of ePI to Pharma and Healthcare, and how these can be realised, read the full article:

How pharma and healthcare will benefit from the adoption of ePI standards on Fierce Biotech, February 2024

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