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Commercial users

emc regulatory

For providing your medicine safety information to HCPs and patients, including those with accessibility needs, via emc (medicines.org.uk).

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emc compliance

Allow your customer-facing teams to demonstrate compliance in providing the latest SmPC during meetings, and ensure that your materials always link to the latest prescribing information.

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emc market access

emc market access includes the med data suite, supporting Pharma with sharing and managing product information on the NHS dm+d database or med data supply chain platform.

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emc market intelligence

Access insights on your audience to measure the effectiveness of your safety materials and support your marketing campaign’s success, obtain up-to-date medicine information for your research and track medicine change information. 

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Healthcare professionals and patients

emc (medicines.org.uk)

emc is the UK's comprehensive and trusted source of medicine safety information. It hosts a variety of safety documents such as SmPCs and Patient Information Leaflets.

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Browse the dm+d

The most efficient way to access the dm+d database - check product and pack price and availability.

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