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Our solutions are designed to support a range of roles and functions within Pharma. We support teams who face a variety of challenges when working with medicine information, including:

  • Distribution of up-to-date, comprehensive medicine information
  • Compliance when sharing product information
  • Understanding and engaging with your audiences
  • Gathering market intelligence to support commercial decisions or the success of product campaigns 

emc regulatory

All the essential components for Pharma to reach HCPs and patients with vital medicine information while staying compliant. This includes listing products on emc (electronic medicines compendium) and publishing medicine safety information at launch or when updating products:

  • Reach HCPs and patients on the UK's trusted source of medicines information, emc
  • Ensure that patients with special requirements or impairments can access vital safety information for their medication
  • Simplify your internal processes with an intuitive publishing platform and QC (Quality Control) support


emc compliance

Pharma are required to ensure their materials outside of emc also provide accurate, up-to-date information. emc compliance streamlines how you provide and update product information while ensuring you stay compliant:

  • Present your medicine information to HCPs from a centralised, trusted source, online or face-to-face
  • Automate how you keep product information up-to-date and compliant, in whichever format it is presented
  • Ensure that promotional materials always contain the latest prescribing information while satisfying industry requirements

emc market access

emc market access supports Pharma teams with managing medicine product information throughout the whole supply chain, including submission and tracking of products in the NHS dm+d database:

  • Easy submission process when managing and updating product information on the NHS dm+d database
  • Efficiently and safely share product information with key stakeholders using a single source of truth
  • Track relevant product information such as pricing of competitor products


emc market intelligence

Through the data we hold, we can provide the components for any company to interpret how people are engaging with their product information. This includes:

  • Insights on how HCPs and patients interact with medicine safety information
  • Understanding trends in the changes to medicines safety data
  • Accessing medicines information for research purposes


Scientific Response Documents

Our innovative solution for medical information teams to make scientific response documents (SRDs) digitally available on the trusted emc.

  • Ensure swift retrieval of only relevant SRD search results
  • Empower healthcare professionals with timely, specific information to support their patient treatment
  • Equip medical information practitioners with the KPIs to evaluate performance and improve the overall quality of healthcare services

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