Datapharm releases new whitepaper 'HCPs prefer digitally-delivered content'

Jul 6, 2022

A whitepaper revealing UK healthcare professionals' views on medicines documentation.

Pharmaceutical companies are developing new medicines at an increasing speed. There is more data about the effects and effectiveness of medicines than has ever been seen before and information about medicines is changing all the time.

Clinical practice is similarly evolving. Pressure on healthcare professionals has never been higher. The pandemic unlocked both the potential and the risks associated with remote consultations, resulting in working practices changing rapidly.

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Much can be assumed of how HCPs interact with medicines documents, and what their preferences are, but do those assumptions reflect their actual preferences, struggles and overall engagement with Pharma’s medicines documents?

"I usually need detailed information, that is not in the BNF, so I need the full SPC".
Pharmacist, Secondary care - Datapharm HCPs Survey Report, 2022

It is now important, more so than ever, to ensure that healthcare professionals have the right information about medicines in the right medium and at the right time.

This is why in May 2022, Datapharm conducted a survey to 241 healthcare professionals, to gather their views, preference and opinions on medicines documentation.

Download the full report now for a full overview of healthcare professionals’ views on Medicines Information.

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